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You are here for a reason…

Whether you are looking for telemarketing, direct mail, internet marketing, or any other marketing solution the bottom line is you want results.

And we are dedicated to providing those results. See, we understand that marketing is not just an event…it’s a process. Our mission is to work with you to create a marketing process that delivers results.

From developing a customized strategy to implementing each phase and measuring the results, we have a solution to fit your company. Please feel free to browse our site to learn about how we can tailor a marketing plan for your company that generates the results you are looking for.


is the driving force behind your business and your marketing. After all, as the old saying goes, " how will you get there if you don’t know where you’re going? "

Picture of a guy holding a map.Your marketing Strategy is your map for getting to where you want your company to go. With the wrong map it doesn’t matter how good your vehicle for getting there is.

Your business and goals are unique, and deserve a customized marketing Strategy that reflects that uniqueness. But Strategy is only one piece of the puzzle.
Next you have to Implement it…

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With the right Strategy in place you are ready for the Implementation phase of your marketing plan.

Advertising legend Bruce Barton once said, " You aren’t marketing to a crowd, you are marketing to a parade. " He recognized that your customers are always moving, always occupied, and always distracted.

That is why you have to implement your plan through a variety of marketing media. This could include marketing by direct mail, telephone, email, or a host of other media that are available to you. The important concept behind Implementation is variety and consistency.

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How do you know if your Strategy is the right one? How can you tell if your Implementation efforts are paying off? By measuring the Results.

Testing your marketing efforts and measuring the Results is the cornerstone to developing a marketing plan that will stand the test of time and grow your business. Not analyzing your Results is like shooting at a target in the dark. You don’t even know if you are hitting the target, much less how close you are.

Turning on the lights (i.e. measuring your Results) let’s you see how close you are to your goal and puts you in position to make the necessary changes to hit your intended target.

Whether you need Outbound Telemarketing, Inbound Call Handling, or a simple Answering Service, we have a program to fit your needs and your budget.

From Pay-Per-Click advertising to Email Newsletters, we can custom design an internet marketing strategy to maximize any advertising budget.

Whether you are sending a simple postcard, a letter with a brochure, or a comprehensive direct mail package, we have the technology and expertise to get it done.

Are you looking for other marketing services such as copywriting, web design, or list data? As a full-service Direct Marketing Agency we have a solution for you.

Some of our clients include: Thomas Kinkaid, Painter of Light, Trendwest, DirecTv, Dish Network, Mutual of Omaha, Farmers Insurance Group, Thornton Oliver Keller Commercial Real Estate, State Farm Insurance,